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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2011

Where did you take your beloved for Valentine’s Day this year?  A gourmet meal at a smart restaurant?  Best seats in the house at a theatre show?  Perhaps a romantic getaway to a five-star hotel in the country?  Fantastic!  I hope you had a wonderful time.

And me?  I took my wife to an old folks home.

Now, before anyone gets too worked up about that statement let me point out that  this was no ordinary old folks home.  In fact, to call it an old folks home is actually grossly unfair.  Let me explain…

Lark Hill Valentines poster

I had been booked to sing at Lark Hill Village near Nottingham for a special Valentines Night event.  Lark Hill is run by The Extra Care Charitable Trust who have pioneered a series of amazing village communities where people aged over 55 can live independent lives surrounded by a host of social, leisure and health facilities.  The Valentines Night event was just one of dozens of social events that are organised for and by the residents every week.

Mrs Elegant-Vocals likes to come along and hear me sing whenever she can and, it being Valentines Night, she decided to accompany me last night.  And what a brilliant evening it was!

Simon Partridge performs at Lark Hill Nottingham

Guests were served a fabulous three-course meal with wine while I serenaded them with some of the finest love songs ever written.  Once dinner was over we raised the tempo just a tad and there was dancing.

Dancing at Lark Hill Village to the elegant vocals of Simon Partridge

My thanks to Steve Britton from Lark Hill Village for booking me and to all the residents who made it such a memorable evening.

And thank-you to Mrs Elegant-Vocals too.  It doesn’t matter where we are, when I’m with her it’s the most romantic place on earth.

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