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Morris Dancing at Mallory Court – a Very English Wedding

July 20, 2011

Preparing for a wedding requires planning.  A lot of planning.  So most couples will draw up a list of the things they consider essential for their big day.  Dress?  Yes.  Cake?  Absolutely.  Photographer?  Naturally.  Morris dancers?  Erm…

When Richard and Ruth got married at Mallory Court in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside just outside Leamington Spa earlier in the year morris dancers were certainly high on their list.  To be precise the White Hart Morris Men who are based in Alcester.

The White Hart Morris Men

Fortunately for me Richard and Ruth’s list also included live vintage entertainment for their evening reception and I was delighted to sing again at Mallory Court which is such a lovely venue.

Mallory Court Hotel

The White Hart Morris Men danced several of their extremely vigorous and energetic Cotswold Morris dances before getting guests up to join them in a couple more.  It was an absolute riot and one hell of an act to follow, but tremendous fun and a wonderfully quirky and original addition to the day.

A unique warm-up act...

Yet again I counted myself blessed that my work lets me be involved with such wonderful occasions as this.  I love it when couples break with convention and do something different.  Richard and Ruth had done things just how they wanted to and the result was a wedding day that reflected their personalities.  Congratulations to them both!

Richard and Ruth with Simon Partridge


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