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Waving at Trains

March 19, 2012

I’m willing to bet my house that within ten miles of where you live there are at least a half-a-dozen fantastic places to visit that you have never been too.  You’ve walked or driven past them a hundred times, but have never actually visited.

I’m not sitting in judgement though.  Oh goodness me no.  I’m just as bad, if not worse.  A prime example is  Chasewater Railway.  It’s only nine miles from our house and I have driven past the sign countless times on my way to other places, always saying to myself  “I really should go there on of the days…

Last weekend I finally made it there with my family and I’m pleased to report that it was well worth the effort.

Chasewater Railway, Staffordshire

Chasewater Railway is a heritage railway operating vintage steam and diesel trains along nearly two miles of track.  Its a charitable trust staffed by volunteers.  The trains begin their journey at the railway’s main station, Brownhills West.

Brownhills West Station, part of Chasewater Railway

The station has some lovely old touches including the ticket office and great old-fashioned signage everywhere:

The ticket office at Chasewater Railway, Staffordshire

The waiting room at Chasewater heritage railway in Staffordshire

Out on the platforms the vintage details continue:

Platform 2 at Chasewater Railway

Me at the Brownhills West station on Chasewater Railway

The railway is situated next to the Chasewater Reservoir and the track runs alongside the water for part of its route before heading off through the surrounding countryside.

Chasewater Railway's track alongside the reservoir

The railway track heads off into the Staffordshire countryside

We didn’t ride the train on this occasion, but instead opted to walk through the Chasewater Country Park enjoying the spring sunshine.

Electricity pylons in Chasewater Country Park, Staffordshire

We caught up with the railway again when the path we were walking along passed its penultimate stop, Chasewater Heaths where there’s a traditional signal box.

The signal box at Chasewater Heaths, part of Chasewater Heritage Railway

As the train went by we were able to enjoy that most underrated of pursuits, waving at the passengers onboard as they waved back.  Isn’t it funny how, given the right circumstances, complete strangers will wave to each other like long-lost friends?

I’m looking forward to visiting this great local attraction again soon.  And next time I intend to be waving from the train!

For more information about Chasewater Railway visit their website

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