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Titanic Fashions

April 4, 2012

One hundred years on from its ill-fated maiden voyage in April 1912 the RMS Titanic remains one of the most famous ships in history.  In the intervening century its story has continued to capture the public imagination like nothing before or since.


The tragedy has inspired countless books, several plays and, of course, two movies – the 1958 Rank production “A Night to Remember”:

"A Night to Remember" film poster from 1958

and James Cameron’s blockbuster-busting “Titanic” from 1997:

James Cameron's "Titanic" from 1997, re-released in 3D in 2012

Of the two big-screen versions I think that “A Night to Remember” is the best telling of the ship’s story, but what Cameron’s film does so well is capture the style of the period.

Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater in the 1997 James Cameron film "Titanic"

After the sobriety of the Victorian era style and elegance became the watchwords for Edwardian fashion.   For women it was all about bodices, long skirts and big, big hats.

Edwardian womens' fashions and clothing

Ladies clothing from the Edwardian era

Edwardian lady in a feathered hat 1910

I absolutely detest any use of fur in modern clothing, but this is such a fabulous picture:

Edwardian woman with fur stole and muff

Here are the Countess Wedell and the Earl of Portarlington attending Royal Ascot in 1910:

Edwardian horse racing enthusiasts at Royal Ascot 1910

Which brings us neatly onto gentlemen’s fashions.  For men, three-piece suits, blazers, top hats, boaters and bowlers were the order of the day.

Gentlemen wearing boaters 1912

Tailor's catalogue from 1908

Anyone for tennis? Gentleman sporting Edwardian blazer

Gentlemen's Edwardian fashions 1913

No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of Titanic over the coming weeks and I for one will never get bored of looking at those fabulous Edwardian fashions.

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  1. September 4, 2012 8:24 pm

    absolutely beautiful. I have always believed that I was born in the wrong era, even though I am black ( I guess I’d pass as light enough to not be completely hated!) I would have loved to have seen streets filled with beautifully dressed women and neat gentlemen. Ahh, if only….

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