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Reasons to Be Cheerful Part 3: Teacakes and Terriers at Glasgow 2014

July 24, 2014

It has long been my considered opinion that one of the few things better than a Tunnock’s Teacake would be a dancing Tunnock’s Teacake. So imagine my joy when I sat down to watch the opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games last night.

Dancing Tunnock's Teacakes at the Glasgow 2014 opening ceremony

It may not have had the budget that the London 2012 olympic opener had, but it had more than its fair share of fun and the enthusiasm of the volunteers and performers involved was infectious enough to be classified as a notifiable disease.

Dancers at the Glasgow 2014 opening ceremony

Karen Dunbar and John Barrowman Glasgow 2014

I’m not a fan of John Barrowman, but I jumped from my seat and applauded his fabulous kiss that was clearly aimed at the forty-two Commonwealth nations where homosexuality is still a crime.

John Barrowman's gay kiss at Glasgow 2014 opener

I could have done without Susan Boyle (fluffing her words and sounding awfully nervous) and Rod Stewart (just sounding awful).

Susan Boyle

Rod Stewart

But there were plenty of reasons to be cheerful about the whole thing, not least the genius idea of having Scottish terriers leading out each of the national teams.

Scottish terrier leading the England team

Of course, the main reason to be cheerful is what lies behind the fluff and glitter of the opening ceremony and that is the dedication and determination of the four-and-a-half thousand athletes who will compete in Glasgow over the coming days.

I salute each and every one of them (from the comfort of my sofa, of course).  With the news headlines so full of doom and misery it is their spirit that serves to maintain my faith that humanity is still capable of a greater good.

Enjoy the games!

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  1. August 7, 2014 6:56 pm

    Thanks for the positive article. The power of music stirs the heart to cheer!

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