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“My One and Only Love”

August 26, 2014

Ella Fitzgerald once said, “The only thing better than singing is more singing”.  She was absolutely right which is why adding a new song to my repertoire is always such a thrill.

My latest addition is the wonderful ballad, “My One and Only Love”, written by Guy Wood and lyrics by Robert Mellin.  Essentially it’s a case of “one song to the tune of another” since Guy Wood’s melody was originally composed in 1947 for a song called “Music from Beyond the Moon” with lyrics by Jack Lawrence.  The song was recorded by Vic Damone in 1948, but wasn’t a hit.

Vic Damone

It’s a pleasant enough song, but it’s main problem is that the refrain sits rather clumsily in the tune.  It wasn’t until Robert Mellin added new words in 1952 that anyone really took any notice.  The first major recording of  the new composition was by Frank Sinatra  who released it in 1953 with Nelson Riddle producing a typically splendid arrangement.

Frank Sinatra with Nelson Riddle

It has since been recorded by numerous artists including the aforementioned Ms Fitzgerald in 1962 (another Riddle arrangement) and even Sting in 1995 (for the film “Leaving Las Vegas”).  My personal introduction to the song was through Doris Day’s wonderful recording with the Andre Previn Trio for her 1962 album, “Duet”.

Doris Day's "Duet" album

Strictly speaking, of course, the song only has half a claim (ie. the tune) to its place in my repertoire of songs from the 1902s, 30s and 40s, but it’s such a beautiful number and an absolute joy to sing so it’s staying!

And  here’s a clip of me performing it:

(If you can’t see or hear the clip you can listen to it on my Soundcloud profile

I hope you agree it’s an excellent addition to my repertoire.

To learn more about other songs I sing search for posts in the “Songs and Songwriters” category in the right-hand menu. You can see a complete list of my repertoire on my website

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